Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Where have I Been

Hello WORLD!!!!

Where have I been, i've said it before and well you see me saying it again. I apparently Fail at blogging.  WHOOPS.......

Well where have I been? Question is where haven't I been, I think I have done as many changes that a human can have.

1. New Job
2. Tried Vlogging
3. Went on Vacation
4. Found Crossfit

Yes you read number 4 correct.....I found crossfit and I couldn't be happier. You know I lifted, spent my time in the gym and got the lifting bug but then that fell apart BC it got lonely just going in the gym and well HCG is a bitch!!!! *secret secret everyone you gain everything back plus more after getting off HCG*** So the lifting bug went away.

But an angel came into my life in the form of a co-worker who would not only be the person who helped me fall back in love with fitness but was my mentor at work and helped me become successful. She recommended that I try crossfit with her back in January and I haven't looked back ever since. Since January I have worked out at least 4-5 times a week. I call that winning and a huge movement in the right direction.

Now before any one says oh crossfit..... have you tried it? if not you should try it at least 3 times.... then  have some comments.

For the first time since i moved to seattle three years ago, i finally feel like i have a group of friends, family and group of people that are the most amazing inspiring people I have met in Seattle. The people a lone make it exciting to get to the gym. I feel like I have the atmosphere I had when I taught at Diva Den and the group of people I was friends with in the Portland Turbo Kick Community.  Elle Woods said it best....


So what has changed for me since starting Crossfit? Well I haven't been paying attention to the scale just been working out. This is the first time I have ever gone on a fitness journey and didn't focus on the number, I've been focusing on how my clothes fit and how and I feel. Most of all I have a confidence in the way that I carry myself and that has changed massively. 

1. I wear a tank top to the gym almost every day. I have never been the person to do that but lets be real working out with a tank top is so much more comfortable then a t-shirt
2. I walked around vegas with a dress, no leggings just a dress? SAY WHAT? This girl 6 months ago would have never done that.
3. I not only wore a dress but I wore a sleeveless dress to two different events this summer? HUH you mean I didn't cover up my arms with a cardigan? Yeah that is right. BOOM
4. I just carry myself differently. I lost that what is someone thinking of the girl who is curvy in the corner. Instead I'm rocking what I have. If they want to judge they can but they don't know me and what I did in the gym. Killing it DAY AFTER DAY!

So progress since January? Honestly I have no idea. I know that i have dropped 3 pant sizes and a bra band size. As far as the number is concerned well who knows. Because of how I felt in January taking before pictures was the last thing i wanted to do so i only have progress pictures since may.

I do know that i can

  • Clean and Jerk 125 lbs 
  • Deadlift 255 lbs
  •  bench press 110 lbs
  •  squat 170 lbs
  • front squat 140 lbs
  • can do push ups on my toes
  • do pull ups with the assistance of a band *this one i'm most proud of bc my first class i tried getting my foot in a band and yeah that was embarrassing*
  • Get into a head stand
  • Run 800 meters *I could barely run 200 when I started*
  • Do a box jump on a 12 inch box *i'm ready to get to the 18 inch box but damn that fear inside an adult head*
  • I can do 15 double-unders in a row *just got that today*
  • Do most workouts RX :) i would say about 80% of the time
  • Snatch 100 lbs
  • Burpess with chest to the ground * yeah used to ass in the air and i was scared shitless to kick my feet out*
  • Overhead squat 65 lbs *this is a struggle still but damn those over head squats require a lot of flexibility*
So all of that just outweighs the not paying attention to the scale. Because i know where I started and damn it feels good to have those PRs and see where you were and where you are now. IT FEELS DAMN GOOD. 

Ok enough about crossfit but hey there is the quick update on my life and what I have been up to weightloss and fitness wise. 

Hopefully this blogging thing will catch back on again and I'll be regular about it again. 

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