Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Where have I Been

Hello WORLD!!!!

Where have I been, i've said it before and well you see me saying it again. I apparently Fail at blogging.  WHOOPS.......

Well where have I been? Question is where haven't I been, I think I have done as many changes that a human can have.

1. New Job
2. Tried Vlogging
3. Went on Vacation
4. Found Crossfit

Yes you read number 4 correct.....I found crossfit and I couldn't be happier. You know I lifted, spent my time in the gym and got the lifting bug but then that fell apart BC it got lonely just going in the gym and well HCG is a bitch!!!! *secret secret everyone you gain everything back plus more after getting off HCG*** So the lifting bug went away.

But an angel came into my life in the form of a co-worker who would not only be the person who helped me fall back in love with fitness but was my mentor at work and helped me become successful. She recommended that I try crossfit with her back in January and I haven't looked back ever since. Since January I have worked out at least 4-5 times a week. I call that winning and a huge movement in the right direction.

Now before any one says oh crossfit..... have you tried it? if not you should try it at least 3 times.... then  have some comments.

For the first time since i moved to seattle three years ago, i finally feel like i have a group of friends, family and group of people that are the most amazing inspiring people I have met in Seattle. The people a lone make it exciting to get to the gym. I feel like I have the atmosphere I had when I taught at Diva Den and the group of people I was friends with in the Portland Turbo Kick Community.  Elle Woods said it best....


So what has changed for me since starting Crossfit? Well I haven't been paying attention to the scale just been working out. This is the first time I have ever gone on a fitness journey and didn't focus on the number, I've been focusing on how my clothes fit and how and I feel. Most of all I have a confidence in the way that I carry myself and that has changed massively. 

1. I wear a tank top to the gym almost every day. I have never been the person to do that but lets be real working out with a tank top is so much more comfortable then a t-shirt
2. I walked around vegas with a dress, no leggings just a dress? SAY WHAT? This girl 6 months ago would have never done that.
3. I not only wore a dress but I wore a sleeveless dress to two different events this summer? HUH you mean I didn't cover up my arms with a cardigan? Yeah that is right. BOOM
4. I just carry myself differently. I lost that what is someone thinking of the girl who is curvy in the corner. Instead I'm rocking what I have. If they want to judge they can but they don't know me and what I did in the gym. Killing it DAY AFTER DAY!

So progress since January? Honestly I have no idea. I know that i have dropped 3 pant sizes and a bra band size. As far as the number is concerned well who knows. Because of how I felt in January taking before pictures was the last thing i wanted to do so i only have progress pictures since may.

I do know that i can

  • Clean and Jerk 125 lbs 
  • Deadlift 255 lbs
  •  bench press 110 lbs
  •  squat 170 lbs
  • front squat 140 lbs
  • can do push ups on my toes
  • do pull ups with the assistance of a band *this one i'm most proud of bc my first class i tried getting my foot in a band and yeah that was embarrassing*
  • Get into a head stand
  • Run 800 meters *I could barely run 200 when I started*
  • Do a box jump on a 12 inch box *i'm ready to get to the 18 inch box but damn that fear inside an adult head*
  • I can do 15 double-unders in a row *just got that today*
  • Do most workouts RX :) i would say about 80% of the time
  • Snatch 100 lbs
  • Burpess with chest to the ground * yeah used to ass in the air and i was scared shitless to kick my feet out*
  • Overhead squat 65 lbs *this is a struggle still but damn those over head squats require a lot of flexibility*
So all of that just outweighs the not paying attention to the scale. Because i know where I started and damn it feels good to have those PRs and see where you were and where you are now. IT FEELS DAMN GOOD. 

Ok enough about crossfit but hey there is the quick update on my life and what I have been up to weightloss and fitness wise. 

Hopefully this blogging thing will catch back on again and I'll be regular about it again. 

<3till next="" p="" time="">



Friday, July 25, 2014

Bring it on!!!!

How many times.... I mean seriously....How many times....
I think I have written this blog post multiple times. I mean more times then I would like to admit. It's like I look at this and think am I ever going to fix this. and well the answer is yes. I will make these changes. I will build these habits and I will see a better self for me. 

There is no excuse for having to come back and restart. I have to remember what works for me and what doesn't work for me and obviously what I have been doing hasn't worked for me. 

What I have done is looked at the one time I was successful in losing weight and in that time it was McCombs. Hands down it the only time I have lost weight and not been miserable. I figured out what i needed to be doing. Found a solution that made me happy. I lost 50 lbs and i kept that weight off for a year give or take 10 lbs. which lets be honest that is pretty amazing. It wasn't until I did HCG that I just really fell off track. It was such a great short term weight loss effect but it didn't sustain those long term goals.

So I’m back at it, working again toward creating this lifestyle change. Throughout my entire journey my mom has been one of my greatest support systems in helping me find things to make myself better. One of the things she recommended to was well McCombs for one but secondly she always has good books for me to read and most recently is this book called Change or Die. It goes through different case studies of the how and why we change and what will make us change. This is very pertinent to me because well I need to change. So that is what I’m doing.

So my plan. A McCombs diet for the next 6 months to a year. It is a long feat but well I need to do it. I have to do it. I have to change. I completely unhealthy and I’m completely out of shape. In fact I’m not even going to step on a scale until I’m able to pull the pants I’m wearing to day off without unbuttoning them. Seems crazy but honestly I don’t even want to know I just want to start working toward a new goal.

So here goes nothing and lets bring it on!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Does it ever get easy day 0

It is almost officially halfway through the first month of 2014 and i feel like i haven't done anything to really show all of that end of 2013/beginning of 2014 hype. Yes the job that i have has a tendency to play on that whole new year vibe i mean when everyone is on vacation and enjoying the holidays i'm working my BOOTY off running around making sure that everyone is able to get the gift for their loved one. So what do i always do at the first of the year.... GO ON VACATION. I mean it is just what i do. Husband and I both work retail it is just the way things work.

With that being said today is officially that tomorrow is it day, day. Tomorrow marks the officially having a pretty normal schedule, same hours and same days off, well as regular as you possibly can have working retail and i'm not going to lie i'm really exited about it. So what does that mean. I really think i can begin to get that routine that i had achieved over the summer and through the rest of the year until it all fell apart in November. get that food on a normalish time and get to the gym like a sane person.

So today got all my meals prepped for the coming week!! This for me really is something that works. Nothing is worse then having to pack your lunch in the morning when you are not a morning person.

The two things i made are the following:

we will see how this cost. I'm cooking it right now. It will make breakfast for 4 days and i thought it would be a good post workout meal in the morning that i can pop in the microwave and i mean how hard is that meal prep? We will see how it tastes tomorrow. 

2. Potatoes, Brown Rice, Quinua, Green beans and Eggs. 

So that picture isn't exactly what i made but it is similar. I found this great thing at the grocery store that is cooked brown rice and quiua. You just have to thaw it out and it is ready to eat so it has made it super easy for meal prep and gets it done in half the amount of time. This mixture is super tasty, extremely clean and satisfying fullfilling.
A. Bowl water is a large frying pan i use one of these pots because it allows for easy use. 
B. Add Cubed Potatoes allow to cook until soft and season with Salt and Pepper
C. Once potatoes are soft add Green beans, quinua and brownrice
D. In a separate pan begin to cook eggs
E. Once eggs have been almost cooked all the way add to the brown rice, Green pepper, potato and Quinua mixture. Stir together until the egg finishes cooking then either serve to eat or add to containers for meal prep. 

I didn't really measure as i should have but with Mccombs there is no real calorie counting its just a matter of staying within their guidelines. But it filled 4 of the rubbermaid tupperware containers. 

So... What is the game plan for tomorrow.....

  1. Eating almost specifically McCombs. No soda, No bread, Limited sugar, limited dairy and limited nuts.
  2. Working out 5 days a week. Three days of Strength training and two days of cardio.
  3. Hitting 5000 Nike Fuel Points on work days and 3000 on days off.
  4. Drinking Three Nalgenes full of water a day. meaning i'll drink 3 liters of water a day of more. 
I know that is only 4 goals but you know what those goals are going to be tough for the first couple days but.... I know i can do it. 

So heres to an amazing day full of accomplishments and hitting goals!



Friday, December 27, 2013

Same Story Different Year: Here's to a great 2014!

To me and maybe you as readers feel the same way but......I feel I have begun this journey of Weight loss so many times. And I ask myself when is it going to end. Why do I keep going back to those bad habits that I worked so hard to quit. Its been the same story since 2009. That means 5 years now of the same story and every time I get these results but something happens and I stop and put the pounds back on. But as I write this post I'm listening to "We Can't Stop" and yeah I cant be stop. Yes the song is about partying but i can apply it to weight loss because I can't stop and I won't stop until I get the results that I'm searching for.

Now don't get me wrong 2013 has been a year full of amazing results. I lost a great amount of weight doing HCG and became addicted to weight lifting. :)

I mean look at the results!!

Left: 2012 Right 2013 Exactly one year apart

I still have so much to do but i have come so far!!! I know there is so much I can accomplish! I did all the things that I thought was impossible working in retail and I proved that i can do it, you don't need to have a regular schedule to get everything done, you just have to want it and work for it!

I know that after the results that I had in 2013 it was the starting off point for 2014 and that will be the year I hit all my goals and GET IT DONE. 

So what does that mean for me for 2014. It means i'm going back to basics. QUE Christina Aguilera's song back to baiscs..... "I'm going back to basics, To where it all began, I'm ready now to face it, I wanna understand". I'm going back to what I know works and what works is three things.

One, is McCombs. To me its easy, simple and as long as I follow the rules I get the results I'm after. To me it is a simple weight loss tool, there is no counting, measuring, documenting. You eat what is from the yes list and stay away from the no list. Only this time I'm going to do a bit different and am going to allow myself one night a week weget a class of wine. Not gonna lie there are just those times that you just gotta have that glass and it will be one my treat. I'm as well going to branch out in the recipes that I use. Find some more great desserts because i mean you have gotta have a little sweet in your life. Especially with the invention of stevia.

Second, i'm going to follow my work out plan. Lift three days a week and cardio for the other two. I just have to know i can't over do it. I have to give myself those two rest days, I will fall off the wagon and i will make myself go crazy with just being burnt out, which is never fun. I have to remember i have to put my faith in my trainer because SHE WILL GIVE ME THE RESULTS THAT I WANT!!!

Third, I'm going to blog along with my routine instagram posts. I don't even care if anyone reads my blog but for me it keeps me accountable! Its a way of checking in and rewinding and looking back at the day. Celebrate my wins and successes and look at where i wasn't perfect but look and see how i can  make it better. It's all about choosing to grow and if you can't grow what's the point? This is all about change and change doesn't happen overnight.

So heres to a wonderful 2014 full of amazing success!! We can do anything we put our minds too!!!



Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week 3 weigh in one day late.....

So i know i haven't posted in well two weeks but then again that is two more posts then i have done in about 7 months so i call that win!

The last two weeks have gone extremely well. Working with Tami has been kicking my booty but has really helped me with getting to gym and gettin' my sweat on. Each work out I do with her i find myself being stronger then the last! Its an amazing feeling :)

The work outs she give me the cardio/crossfit/bootcamp style that i just love. Its one work out after another which is what i love no stopping and pausing its a get it done and kick some ass!

If any of you follow me on Instagram you would notice that i'm participating in TrulyJess's #TrulyCommitted in July challenge which is a photo challenge and i'm having so much fun posting on it and participating because it is really keeping me motivated and it is going to be much needed as my round 2 of HCG ends on the 11th this will keep me pushing for the 6 weeks of maintenance. :)

Here are some of the pic's i've posted:

Day 1: Goals and a current picture:

Day 2: Drink your water:

Day 3: Suns out Guns out:

She also wanted us to post something that had a bit about ourselves. 

Day 4: Grab a work out buddy:

This post go Re-Gramed by TrulyJess yeah you could say i got excited :)

Another thing i have begun to do is post a post work out post. I thought it would be a good way to have the. Picture or it didn't happen with my gym time but at the same time ill be able to see my progress of where i came from and how much i have progressed! Here are my pics from the last couple weeks!

Did some progress pictures :)

Also did some lunch/Meal pics :)

I as well decided to make up some fun ways to track my progress. Here are a couple of them

I have created on my phone a to-do list on awesome note of fitness goals and weights i want to hit to cross of while i lose weight and progress in my training. I thought it was a good way to progress. I mean nothing better then crossing things off lists!

I'm going to do my best to post weekly to recap how my week has been going and update you on all my pics!!!

Metrics that have changed since my last post:

Starting weight: 245
Weight Last Post: 213.4
Todays weight: 205.4 *i know i said 40 lbs but you know what.4 is close enough*
Total loss between posts: 8 lbs
Total loss: 39.6


Because I have lost 40 lbs here is a list of things that weigh 40 lbs!
  • a 15 foot canoe
  • a 3-year old child
  • an average human leg
  • 5 gallons of water

Each day and week brings a whole new lookout on my weight loss process. I have come so far in a process that i thought was going to be so hard to start and i'm slowly pound by pound inch by inch reaching my goals!!!

Heres to an amazing month of JULY!!!


Alysha AKA MySkinnyMission

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 1 weigh in!

So I thought what day am I going to do my weigh ins... And I was thinking well Wednesday was the day I used to do so why not keep it that way!

So here it goes Wednesdays are my new weigh in days!!!

This last week I weighed.....217.6
This week.......213.4
That is a loss of 4.2 this week!
And a total loss of 31.6 lbs!!!

Since I've now lost 30 I thought it woud be cool to make a list of things that weight that much.
- 10 cans of crisco
- 20 dozen eggs
- 4 gallons of water
- A 2.25 year old
kinda crazy to think about. When I hit 40 I'm going to take a picture with me with that amount in hand weights :)

My work outs......

Can I say that I am sore. I can't give to much away since I'm working with a trainer but I can give you an idea I'm doing 5 days a week 3 days of strength training and cardio and two days of just cardio.

I've told my trainer that I just want to build muscle and lean out the muscle I do have. I basically want to have a rockin body on top of just losing the fat. But isn't that what everyone wants lol :)

But she is kicking my butt!!!! Walking up stairs, sitting on a toilet, walking and well you name it has been painful but then again I do miss that sore feeling so it's nice to have it back in my life!

Make sure to check me out on Instagram I'm posting on there daily with my work outs and my meals for that extra accountability!! My user name is aswan87!

Till the next post!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Can we say hit or miss?

Hello my faithful and dedicated readers!!!

Can we say i have been failing miserably with posting on my blog as of well the forever! I'm constantly back and forth i post for 3 weeks then i stop.

I have been contemplating coming back and writing again but I didn't want to write on here after being so unsuccessful so many times. How many times have i truly began again? I don't even know if i should count it because i think it may get depressing. JUST SAYING!!

So with that, saying that i was embarrassed is completely true, i as well didn't want to start and fail again. BUT now that i have successfully lost 30 lbs i decided this is the change i have been needing and i am back to what i should be doing!! NO GOING BACK AGAIN! I have been successful as of lately so i feel its time for me to add another layer of accountability and that is you!!!

Now that right there is something i'm incredibly proud of! 

So you ask what am i doing? I'm doing HCG, yes the hormone. Don't worry i'm doing it with the amazing Dr. Forwell at Vitalia. And no it isn't the easy way out because if anyone said it was easy its not. Its hard work and i have to work at what i'm doing and push EVERY day.

So why did i choose doing HCG? I was seriously at the point where it was do i get surgery or what the hell am i going to do? With the nature of my job i'm working people on a very personal level every single day and the conversations that i have with them generally ends up going somewhere you don't expect it to go. So with that said i had 5 customers within two weeks all mention that they had done HCG and let me tell you it isn't a diet you mention to people, so with that many people coming to me saying that i decided you know what i think this is really something i should do, so I booked my appointment. When i went and saw the dr i was a wopping........ *BTW i haven't told anyone this number so SNAPS to me for sharing*  245 lbs!!!!! LIKE OMG HOW THE HELL DID IT GET THAT BAD? I'm pretty sure i was in denial about the whole thing and i didn't think i was truly that big but everything i was doing was just hard! Hard to move, hard to walk, hard to stand up and my sleep suffered! I felt horrible! So i went and i made the change to move forward with my life!

Where am i in my progress? I've currently lost 30 lbs i'm at 215.2!!!! I couldn't be happier. I'm finally almost to the weight i was at when i started to lose weight in 2010 and i know that i will be under 200 lbs in this round.

Whats the plan going forward?

  • Doing HCG for 35 days at a time until i hit my goal weight with 6 weeks of maintaining
  • Working out and working with my trainer Tami with Wildfire fitness virtually because she is from Oregon
  • I plan on doing hopefully only 3 more rounds maybe 4. 
  • Blogging at least weekly hopefully more
  • Vlogging at least once a month. Its tough because i'm computer is a littler older but i'm going to have an updated weight loss picture video at 10 lbs loss increments from this point forward.

So i'm back and i can't wait to share the rest of my journey with you!!